CNN makes me laugh almost as much as Tyra Banks does

And NewsMax is selling Sarah Palin’s book for TWENTY-FOUR whole dollars off the cover price on Fox. I thought things had to go to the discount rack at Loehmans next to Donna Karan velour lounge pants and one last massive Tahari pantsuit before they could be infomercialed alongside the dog-Snuggie and that douchebag that sells SlapChop? But I guess the caveat is you have to subscribe to NewsMax (for “free”), wamp wamp.

Anyway, on one of my TVs, CNN’s most Asian-looking reporter has been called up to the majors to report on Obama’s trip to Singapore, just like their most black-looking reporters anchor the “CNN Presents: Black in America; What it’s like to be black in America and Other tales of woe” specials. To be fair, he probably anchored the entire hour, and is doing cut-ins now, but since I watch most TV on mute, the OBAMA IN SINGAPORE lower third accented the talking head in the top box, or vice versa, whatever. Jeanne Moos summed up “TV’s Week of Awkward Moments” on the Soup–er, on CNN–and even though CNN had the most awkward moments this week (Carrie Prejean? Lou Dobbs’ “F-you, f-you, f-you, you’re cool, f-you, I’m out”?), she still carried it off with CNN on top. Which, I mean, well done Jeanne Moos.

Meanwhile, Tyra Banks actually said “smizing” on America’s Next Prettiest Reality Star. For serious, not ironically. I know this has been blog fodder (which from now on I’m going to call “blogder”) for months, but whatever I don’t watch ANTM any more but for Oxygen and Bravo marathons. “Smiling with your eyes” wasn’t a real thing to begin with, Tyra. It’s called being a good model, and I don’t even know what that is anyway since everything I know about modeling I learned from “All About” Tyra Banks and everything I know about “fashion” I learned from Project Runway. Which is why I love TV. TV makes me “smize.”


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